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Discontinued Product Manuals

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AC1009 8 Scene Push Button Station
AC2016 16 Scene Push Button Station
AF2004 4 Scene Fader Station
AF3007 6 Scene Fader Station
AR1202 Rev 1.8 Architectural Wall Mount Dimmer
AR1202 Rev 1.87 Architectural Wall Mount Dimmer
AS41 and AS412 4 Channel Compact Dimmer
DI104 Accepts 1 DMX Signal, Retransmits into 4 Separate DMX Drive Signals
DMX24 DMX to Analog Converter
FC48 8 Channel Foot Controller
FXLD100ECMY LED Ellipsoidal
FXLD120EW LED Ellipsoidal
FXLD136RGB LED PAR Lighting Fixture
FXLD154WAI Discrete LED Lighting Fixture
FXLD1012C4I V0.1 LED PAR Lighting Fixture
FXLD1012V4I V0.2 4in1 LED Lighting Fixture
FXLD1018C4I 4in1 LED Lighting Fixture
FXLD1018FRP5I 5in1 LED Lighting Fixture
FXLD1018R4I 4in1 LED Lighting Fixture
FXLD1036C4O LED Outdoor Lighting Fixture
FXLD312R3I V0.1 LED Wash Lighting Fixture
FXLD312R3I V0.2 3in1 LED Lighting Fixture
FXLD336C3I V0.1 LED PAR Lighting Fixture
FXLD336C3I V0.2 LED PAR Lighting Fixture
FXLD336C3I V0.3 3in1 LED Lighting Fixture
FXLD336ZM3I LED PAR Lighting Fixture
FXLD348C3O LED Outdoor Lighting Fixture
FXLD348R3I LED Wash Lighting Fixture
FXLD354WAI Discrete LED Lighting Fixture
FXLD354WAO LED Outdoor Lighting Fixture
FXLD360C5O LED Outdoor Lighting Fixture
FXLD372C4I Discrete LED Lighting Fixture
FXLD3108C4I LED PAR Lighting Fixture
FXLD548C4O LED Outdoor Lighting Fixture
FXLD68FP2I LED Flat PAR Lighting Fixture
FXLD818B4I2 LED Wash Lighting Fixture Bar
FXLD89FRP4I LED PAR Lighting Fixture
LMX24 LMX-128 to Analog Translator
ND46 Portable Relay Pack
RA122 12 Channel Rack Mount Dimmer
RM121 12 Channel Rack Mount Dimmer
RM82 8 Channel Rack Mount Dimmer
SM240 Show*Pro Console
SM280 Show*Pro Console
SR528 Architectural Controller
TL112 12 Channel Lighting Console
TL1608 8 / 16 Channel Lighting Console
TL1640 16 Channel Lighting Console
TL3216 16 / 32 Channel Lighting Console
TL3256 V2.0 32 / 16 Channel Lighting Console
TL3256 V2.A 32 / 16 Channel Lighting Console
TS212 12 Channel Lighting Console
TX20 DMX to LMX Translator

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